We form teams each spring at tryouts around the athletes for that particular season. The general ages that this will be based on are listed below.

Tiny Preteam: 3 to 6 years old
Tiny: 5-6 years old
Mini: 5-8 years old
Youth: 6-11 years old
Junior: 8-14 years old
Senior: 11-18 years old

The age of the competitor as of August 31st will be what determines what age group the competitor can be placed on for that season.

The USASF levels are as follows, along with a general description of skills needed to be successful in that level:

Level 1- Front/back walkovers, roundoffs
Level 2- Standing back handspring, roundoff back handspring
Level 3- Toe touch handspring, standing multiple handsprings, roundoff handspring tuck
Level 4- Standing tuck, standing handsprings to a layout, roundoff handspring layout
Level 5 Restricted- Jump tuck, standing handsprings to a full, roundoff handspring full
Level 5- Jump tuck/full, standing handsprings to a full/double, roundoff handspring double.